Chronic Neck Pain. Can you suggest some new treatments?

My shoulder/neck muscles are so tense/hard, it causes severe headaches, pinched nerves and swelling/pain in my arms. The MRI shows nothing. Aside from every possible med I have used for pain/relaxer, I have used - ultra sound, chiropratics, massage, acupunture, physical therapy and warm water pool therapy.

Does anyone know of anyother treatments?
Answers:    Change your diet. Eat all natural foods. Skip refined sugar and flour (white bread). Some people are super sensitive to food additives and chemicals.
Also, lack of vitamins causes muscle pain. Take a calcium supplement and eat bananas. They have potassium. B vitamins will also help.
Gentle exersize will help too. Roll your head in circles. Roll your sholders. Streach, very gently, all the muscles.

Read "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About". It changed my life.
Try hypnotherapy (medical hypnosis), it will help you to relax, not just while in session but after-wards.
This might sound crazy, but try Osteopathic Medicine. Find an Osteopathic doctor near you and definitely go, it's worth a shot. They focus on nerves and muscles in your body and can usually help with stuff like that. Good luck!
Find a Chiropractor who uses an Activator, instead of traditional methods. I used to get lots of headaches and neckaches, but now I'm almost always pain free. I rarely get a headache now. It is so nice! This method is very gentle.
hi I have had similar pain & found the best thing I could do for myself was gentle yoga, I have a dvd simply yoga by Yolanda Pettinato who practises in Victoria if you are lucky enough to live nearby.this is a very gentle form of yoga & the dvd is available at big w, angus & robertson will only take 1/2 an hour a day & the benefits are much more than pain relief..
If you live anywhere near the sunshine coast in qld I would be glad to offer you some energy healing,if you do not you could try to find a practitioner nearby.
visit a neurologist! You could also have a vascular issue or even a food allergy!! I would see a nutritionist and have a food allergy test done.. You might think I am crazy, but you might see that you are allergic to things that you never knew were causing you discomfort!!
Sounds like you've gone the round and can see this is not something that has been helped by physical therapies. So
before trying another, consider it may all be in your mind.
I have had the same is the mind that controls these
functions such as tension. Tension can come from our conscious or unconscious thoughts. I took control of my treatment by making necessary changes in life for a overall
more respectful treatment of my body. Natural/organic foods, eliminating all toxins I could from my intake, on put, and environment. Then started yoga
and meditation daily. During meditation time I also would
program my mind to relax my body, this is a form of self
hypnosis...I must keep up with all but it does work. I like to worry (senseless occupation) and like to be in control. I've learned I can only control MY life through mastering it.
Prolotherapy, also homeopathic injections, also a PAP IMI machine if you can find someone w/ a machine(they are from Greece) or just find a medical/external chi kung practitioner with strong chi...
it seems to me that u need to find a more holistic approach to your problem for eg. u need to find out why your so tense is it your job a u sitting in the same position for prolonged periods is it the sport of your choice have you strained your rotor cuff the best holistic therapy out there is neuromusclar therapy not only can they help resolve any existing problems but also pinpoint the cause.good luck

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