I have been sick for two months now.?

I've had a bad cold for about two months now and it won't go away. I went to an instacare facility because it's really hard to see my doctor. Because I had just finished a long airplane trip, the doctor thought my congestion might've had something to do with that so I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory and a decongestant. My ears have been clogged to the point that I could hardly hear, I'm coughing up mucus, my sinuses hurt, and I'm always blowing my nose, and it doesn't come out clear; it's usually a green mucus. My husband wants me to go to the doctor, but it takes so long to see him that I'm hoping I'll get better before then. I've been taking a lot of garlic and vitamin C and seeing some improvement, but it's been slow.
Answers:    From what you've said, it sounds like you have a sinus infection. The anti-inflammatory was prescribed to you by a dink who probably talked to you for two minutes and sent you on your way with a prescription..am I right?

What you need is antibiotics. While I am a major proponent of alternative medicine, there are some cases where western medicine is called for. You could probably take herbs and recover, but you've already been sick for two months. Your immune system is most likely whimpering on its last legs. :(

If you have a family physician, give the office a call and see if they have any cancellations or can fit you in early in the morning. Otherwise if you're insured try an urgent care center (they're cheaper than the ER usually) and see if you can't get a culture taken that way (to test if its bacterial or viral).

Chances are the decongestant (unless its an expectorant) is only drying your sinuses out more, making it harder to expel your mucous.

If you insist on treating this with herbs and/or without another MD visit, then my advice to you is as follows:

Drink lots and lots of water, avoid all dairy products, avoid sugar (bacteria live off sugar), take warm showers every morning and evening to soften the phlegm, avoid blowing hard when you do blow your nose, use warm rags on your face to help soften up the mucous when you start to get a headache, and try, if you can, to use a neti pot to flush your sinuses. You can even add a goldenseal and echinacea tincture (both herbs is best) to the water as these are natural anti-virals. Here is a link about neti pots:


Additionally if you are having ear issues as a result of the sinus pressure, you can try manually draining your eustachian tubes by massaging (in a downward motion) the sides of your neck. Start behind your earlobe and follow the line of your muscle down your neck. This can help with the ear pressure.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you find relief soon!
well, i hate when that happen what u should do is go 2 the hospital and say its really an emergency and then send u eventually to another doctor for emergencys..and when u talk 2 ur doctor exagerate things a little.thats what i do because when doctor dont see that its really serious they just kind of dont worry much..hope u get better.
It sounds like you need antibiotics to help clear this up, the green mucus is an infection.
Green signifies an infection. Listen to your husband and go to the emergency room. You don't want to lose your hearing or infect your brains. Forget the self medication you need help immediately. People years ago died from common infections. You do not have to die! Tell the doctor your nose fell off and you must see him NOW!
Colds do not last for two months and because your have green discharge, it is very likely you have a bacterial infection. You may also have fluid from an effusion in your ears that requires treatment you cannot do at home.

Listen to your husband. You've given home measures more than a fair chance, but it sounds like you require further treatment than you can do for yourself. Continuing to hopen this will go away is not likely to help and could cause serious complications. If it takes too long to get into see a doctor with symptoms that clearly indicate an infection, you need to change doctors. You might also consider an urgent care center that is a little more thorough than the usual doc in a box.

Be very assertive about the need to be seen. Ask to be worked in and offer to come in and wait for an opening during the day if you must. But do get seen.
i would make an appointment with your doctor. if you are on certain medications (especially if you have had an organ transplant) then these would help to supress your immune system. if you haven't it really sounds like a really bad sinus infection which the doctor could prescribe something to help your sinuses drain and fight of the infection. that is what i recommend. as nice as it is to get help from people of AnyQA.com , we arent doctors so i would go and see your physician if it doesn't fully clear up on it's own.
I, too, returned from an overseas trip & have been coughing up green crud. The cough has been over two months now & drives everyone insane. I am seeing an ENT the last day of April. Sucks to be both of us; eh?
Until then, I keep taking Sudafed 24...& Mucinex.
Sounds like a bacterial infection. Try steaming your sinuses/face with a few drops of tea trea oil, or taking a bath with a few drops (it does not take much). You can also use lavendar (natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), chamomile, ginger (natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory)and/or eucalyptus, which are also antibacterials. Take the oils and mix them with a lotion, balm or oil and rub on your chest, add a few to a humifier. If you do not see improvement in a couple of days after using the essential oils, please go see a dr.
Green mucus is infection. Of what is unknown, to me at least. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, and has helped me when I was in a place far from a doctor's care. Vitamin C is good too.

But if you're in a place where you can go to a doctor, I hope you've gone.
In Chinese medicine there are only five body parts: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Metal is the Lungs, and Lung includes the skin, large intestine (having any symptoms there?), the nose and sinuses, and often the throat. Lung is also your sense of smell and your ability to interact with all the other senses. Lung is your sensitivity and sensibility. The secretion of Lung is mucus, either healthy mucus or pathological mucus. The pathological emotion of Lung is grief and sadness. Anyway, it sounds like you have what Chinese medicine would describe as heat in the upper jiao (chest, lungs, heart), and a row of seven acupunture needles across the top of your chest would let it out, along with whatever support you need from below, probably Water and Earth (Kidney and Spleen). You're immune system is low, so maybe you just don't have much energy. Acupuncture would increase your vital energy and your wei qi ("way chee"), your defensive energy. I've seen conditions like yours cleared up very quickly with acupuncture, and I'm talking about many, many cases. But acupuncture is an art, and some people are much better at it than others. Ask around, find someone with a good reputation. It isn't always the one with the biggest ads and the fanciest clinic. Two, three treatments will probably do it. I think the average is $65 per treatment, but there are some good acupuncturists now doing community acupuncture for less, in a semi-private setting with low overhead.
concidered mono yet?
You can get it many ways, its ot just the kissing disease.
You can even get it from drinking after someone who put their lips on the waterfountain that had it. Its that contagous.
Mono can last months.
Hi, A good herbal regimine can help prevent colds and flus, and get u back on track. I use Plus and Total available at www.totalimagint.com/ronh
I take them every day for the the last 3 yrs and i am much healthier!
you could try one more thing: Raw apple cider vinegar
3TB 3 times a day
yep - sinus infection.

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