Ion cleanser foot baths. Any evidence about whether they actually work, and what the black tarry stuff is?

Does anyone know of any reliable scientific evidence or reports? I have tried them and seen that they produce a lot of a black tarry substance. Has there been any testing of what that type of substance really is? Cheers.
Answers:    I think I have answered this question at least 5 times on answers. This is pure garbage period, no mistake. It is simply two electrodes of different metals placed in a conductive solution of salt water. When you pass a small electrical current between the electrodes in this conductive water there is an ionic exchange of metals in the water. This is simply electroplating. The gunk in the water are dissolved metals. So you are actually soaking your feet in a salt solution with dissolved metal ions in it, nasty. You are actually immersing your feet into a toxic soup, so you are toxifing not detoxifying. Toxins do not come out you feet, hands, face or any body part. Save your money.

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