Anyone try accupuncture for siatica?

I have chronic siatic pain due to ruptured discs. I have had two back surgerys but still have pain. Was wondering if anyone has tried acupuncture for this and if so did it help?
Answers:    because your health is involved . . . . you need to proceed with caution as you don't want to inflame the sciatic nerve anymore then it is. I know someone who used zanaflex, it is a muscle relaxer and not homeopathic but it works. Have you ever tried going to a DO? Doctor of Osteopath? I had a really good one, he was trained at the U.of PA., acupuncture might help, you need to make sure that who ever you use, is good - ask around, ask your doctor for a recommendation
Haven't had any acupuncture. Don't see how it could possibly do a thing. Have done this with excellent results. Sorry about the surgery... wish we could have talked beforehand. Check it out:
I always use acupuncture for any pain. Sciatica was one of them.
You should make sure you have well experienced practitioner.
However with your operations I am not sure if your nervous system was not interfered with. But if you will not do it you will never know.
Best regards.
Treating sciatic pain is a common practice in acupuncture business.
You need to find a competent practition as with all other modalities.
Further surgeries will risk the chance of infection and I do not recommend. Good luck. Dr. Y. Frank Aoi (Dr. of Oriental Medicine)

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