Eye Problem-Do i need glasses?

Okay-today in class i was sittin in the back(not to far back) and I couldnt read what was on the board--it was all blurry!I can see fine up close but stuff written on the board I cant!

Also I have been having awful headaches around my eyes and they hurt!
My eyes are hurtin now.
Answers:    Sounds like you've been studying, reading and/or on the computer alot and have caused yourself some myopia (nearsightedness). You need to schedule a comprehensive eye examination with an Optometrist or Eye care professional as soon as possible...the longer you wait the worse you will make it.
your best bet is to see an eye Dr
but you can google it to find out
Go get an exam from your local eye doctor.

If you do you need glass you could look LASIK instead.
See a doctor.
My husband is an optometrist, and I can tell you from the stories he's told, as well as my own personal experience, that you probably do need glasses. The best way to know is see your optometrist or opthalmologist for testing. It is painless and quick. We have had our 7 year old and 4 year old tested yearly since they were 6 months and they aren't bothered by it a bit. So, I promise, you have nothing to lose but your eyesight. It sounds as though as you may be nearsighted, which is what I am. If you can see up close but not far away, you definitely need corrective lenses. Good luck to you.
It is recommended that you see an optometrist who will be able to conduct a painless eye examination. Especially if you have had a sudden onset of the symptoms you have described.

Headaches are often attributed with basic eye complaints like short, long or astigmatism. None are serious and are easily corrected by glasses or contacts.

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