Are there any home remedies for acne?

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Good nutrition is the foundation for healthy skin. A well-balanced diet will ensure that your body receives the vitamins and mineral it needs to support and maintain the health of the skin. Foods rich in sulphur, such as onions and garlic, may be particularly helpful to those who suffer from acne. There are also several nutritional supplements that may be helpful in the maintenance of healthy skin. Supplements of b-complex vitamins as well as vitamin C, and A are very important for the strength, growth, and vitality of the skin. Vitamin E and the mineral zinc orotate are also useful supplements as they both contain antioxidants that can help protect the skin from damage. Please look article:
Also washing your face with warm, mild salt water dries up excess acne-inducing oils.
Applying a bit of toothpaste on a visible pimple before you go to sleep helps reduce swelling.
Dab egg whites on a pimple that is already on the surface. If you leave it on overnight, it is said to draw out the infection and speed up the healing process.
Holding a cube of ice on acne before bed should visibly decrease the inflammation and swelling. It may also reduce the chances of scarring after your skin has cleared up.
Placing a cotton ball into apple cider Vinegar and then applying it to your infected area will almost instantly reduce swelling. This works especially well for large inflamed spots.
You are always advised not to squeeze any pimples, however, blackheads will not go away on their own. Opening your pores using steam to can assist you when you are cleaning your face. Take a hot shower or put your head over the vapors of a boiling pot of water.
Wheat germ, which can be found in most stores, is one of the only acne home remedies taken internally. Taking wheat germ with one meal a day can clear your acne and leave your skin softer than it was before because it is rich in helpful vitamins.
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Unfortunately there are none that work. One thing to NOT do is wash your face frequently. Frequent washing with soap will take oil off your skin...but it will also stimulate it to produce more oil to replace what was lost. Long term, frequent washing will make acne worse. Retin A Micro is a great prescription cream for treating acne. For the first 4-6 weeks your acne may get worse on the cream but hang in there. In 8-10 weeks all your zits will be gone. I used it myself when I was in my early 20's and works great.
Most over-the-counter (OTC), acne medications contain salicylic acid and a "carrier". Salicylic acid is found naturally in the bark of the white willow, and is the white crystalline substance found in aspirin, that does the actual relieving of pain. The carrier, can be an oil or a cream. You can make your own by crushing two real aspirin, (not aspirin substitute like Advil, Tylenol, or Aleve), between two tablespoons. (You put one spoon, "bowl" up, on a counter top, put one aspirin at a time into the bowl, put your thumb into the bowl of the second spoon, and with a gentle twisting of the spoon, press the aspirin till it's crushed to a powder). Mix your owder with one ounce of face cream or olive oil. For even better absorption, add one drop of "tea tree oil", (found in health stores or the vitamin section of a department store--it costs about $5 for two ounces, but a little goes a long way)! Apply this mixture rather sparingly to the affected area, two or three times a day, and keep applying for one full day AFTER the acne clears up, as this will help to keep a to prevent a recurrence soon after. Meanwhile, don't eat oily foods, fatty meats, or sweets.
Yes, tea tree oil applied to the blemish will help reduce redness and swelling faster.

I had moderate acne as a pre-teen, and it eluded me through most of my teenage years, then came back with a vengeance as a young adult until about 2 years ago, at age 28.

My face could not tolerate prescription creams. I started using a gentle exfoliant face wash with salicylic acid and a moisturizer without mineral oil or fragrance in it. Wash your face no more than twice daily. Tea tree oil on the blemish only 2-4 times per day. This helped, but I figured out that eating junk food aggrevated it even more. Once I changed my diet, the acne went away.

Read the books by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. "The Acne Prescription," "The Perricone Prescription" or "The Clear Skin Prescription. He is a dermatoligist who does an excellent job explaining the connection between acne and diet. I don't know your age, but he discusses differences between adolescent acne and adult, dry skin acne. He also explains all the different types of acne and how to care for it.
first you should wash your face two times a day. once in the morning and again before you goto bed.
for best results use a soap, lotion, and moisturizer. such as proactive and clinique.

but to get rid of a pimple FAST
try dapping a little toothpaste or medical alchocol on it.

they both freeze them up.

&& your skin should be perfect in no time =]
Wash your face with Gano-soap, its madu up of ganoderma mushroom extracts without chemicals, its very safe!
after you wash face, apply a face pack (selfmade) - take 1 tea spoon of coffee (de-caffained), 1 tea spoon of ganoderma mushroom powder mix with water to make semi-hard paste and apply over all face, keep for 10 minutes and wash with tap water or distilled water, you will see the difference in 2-3 times application, it will also make you fair and shining, good luck!
Taking a Vitamin B supplement every day will help your body from the inside. Also, V - B is great for energy.
Tea tree oil is a great recomendation.
Witch hazel is a natural, gentle, CHEAP astringent; wet a cotton ball with witch hazel (found in any drug store, right next to the tea tree oil) and spread over face.
Use a good moisturizer - I use Clinique.
Something else not mentioned - WASH YOUR PILLOW CASE EVERY NIGHT, or at least every three nights. The oil from your skin and hair will soak into the pillow case, and then transmit straight back into your skin, inflaming your breakouts and causing more.
t.i. mentioned sex - if you're a responsible adult, it's been proven that sex releases some hormone or something, which can help keep your skin clean. No joke.

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