Anybody any info on equine mastitis. mare is due to foal mis July.?

My mare has developed chronic mastitis and as she is pregnant l am reluctant to ust antibiotics due to her losing a previous foal at only days old. Has anybody any ideas on natural, herbal remidies which may help without harming the baby. Mum doesnt appear to be in any discomfort although being the type of mare she is , she is always happy and easy going.
Answers:    Equine Mastitis
Mastitis can be cured within a single day using Castor Oil alone.

All you need do is to massage Castor Oil onto the mares teat and leave the foal locked away from her for 2 or 3 hours before washing the teat to wash off the oil and allowing the foal to suckle. After suckling repeat the procedure two or three more times and the mastitis will be cleared.

Note there is no danger to the foal from ingesting the curd even if it has become infected, the foals stomach acid deals with this without any danger to itself.

Castor Oil is the most effective drawing agent and the above program works every time.
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