Can I drink Hansen's Natural Green Tea soda while breastfeeding? It says that it has EGCG in it.?

Answers:    First, you should be avoiding caffeine. Most people don't know it. but tea, esp green tea, has a lot more caffein than coffee, So stay away while your pregnant/breastfeeding. Drink herbal teas, like mint.

Second, and more important, if you need to wonder if something is bad for you while you're pregnant, JUST DON'T DO IT! It's not hard. If you need to ask, then don't. Common sense should tell you that you should stick what is known, smf learn from relaiable sources (that is, NOT ) about what is and isn't harmful.. Even your Dr can't know everything, so avoid anything 1) you don't know about, 2) that contains even the slightest amount of a drug (like caffeine) or alcohol, 3) any drug or chemical that can be absorbed through the skin (like acne medicine, etc.) Even if your Dr says it's cool, if you don't absolutely need it, don't take it. You would be surprised at even the most seemingly harmless things that can affect you baby.
Green tea has caffeine that your baby will ingest in your milk. Better lay off the tea for a while and stick to water.
there is a slight amount of caffeine in green tea, but it's actually less caffeine than if you were to eat chocolate.

the ingredients in the Tea Soda is fine to drink while breastfeeding.

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