CHAKRAS Opening/Closing chakras is there a right or wrong way?

I have researched extensively and each time have been given a different answer. Is it better to visualise colours or to use chanting. Do they all work the same or is it individual choice and what works best for you. Are the different ways to do with healing? I am confused so does anyone know what works best. thanks
Answers:    I've been practicing Reiki and doing energy work for several years now. I have also had the experience that different teachers and experts will tell you different things. Personally, I now believe you need to develop a process that works for you. If you are more visually oriented, then visualizing colors may be what works best for you (this is what I do). For people who have a stronger audible sense, then chanting may work better for them. What is important is that you practice with what works best for you. The more you practice, the easier it will be to sense the chakra energies and work with them.
Good luck!
it is best to stick with what is comfortable for you
Chakras respond to many things including nature, scents, colors, pitched tones and visualizations. What works best will depend on the individual person. As a starter, there are recordings of crystal bowls tuned to resonate with each chakra. You play the recording and lie between the speakers and let the pitches vibrate through your body. Intoning pitches can do this as well. Aromatherapy is especially good at correcting the chakras, as is colored light. For a specific list of what affects each chakra, I recommend reading The Chakra Handbook, by Shalila Sharamon and Bodo Baginski. It contains lots of useful information.

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