i have a little bottle of Eucalyptus. it says to sniff it.
what does it do for me??
Answers:    Makes your nose free so you can breath better. Very good to use when you have a bad cold.
It is supposed to clear your sinuses, but it only works for a minute or so. You can add some drops to a humidifier or vaporizer, that will help. If you have an oil potpourri warmer, you can add a few drops in there and that will help as well. You can also use the oil, if it isays you can use it on skin, to clean small wounds and disinfect them.
Some of the chemicals in eucalyptus cause a temporary shrinking of your nasal passages, making you feel as though you can breathe better. Like the PP said, though, it's only temporary.
opens up the blocked nose.
Ecualyptus will help you relax but the problem is I dont sniff. I use to burn the oil so that the whole house smell like a spa for me.
Eucalyptus basically opens up the breathing passages. That's about it.

Also, do not ingest because it is poisonous to take. Only the koala bears are immune to it.

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