What Body Cleansing would you suggest?

Answers:    there are several on the market... they range from 20 dollars to 60 dollars... just go up to the gnc.. and see they different types.. and see which one will work best for you and which one you can affford..
Lever 2000
"Crem d' la mer" has some AWESOME products...

You should try them !!

you are gonna love it.
Well there is this AMAZING this called a "shower". You get into this tub like contraption, turn on a faucet and water comes out resembling rain. If you are lucky there will be a bar of soap appear out of nowhere with a sign on it that says "wet and apply to skin". Stand under the water, and rub the soap all over your body. Then rinse all the soap off. Amazing! You're clean!
Have you ever heard of DETOX? It opperates under the notion that one's body occasionally needs to be cleaned out on the inside. It recommends one to two weeks of whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Obviously, you still need protein and fats so you should do research before undergoing a detox. You should also talk to your doctor. Detox specialists also such occasionally juice fasts. Your body takes a break from everything else. Sometimes you need to skip a day of showering to build up your oils. Fasting works the same way. Sometime your digestive system needs a break. I think you should consider detox but make sure you do your homework or else you could be come very ill. It should work wonders, but only if done right.
ReNew is a very good cleanse.

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